Zopper Retail Other, Case Study
"My name is Vishakha and I am the owner of a small merchandise business in Mumbai. I suffered a huge loss in inventory as i am bad with inventory management and managing cash drawer.
We needed a POS system as a common platform in all of our locations and chose Zopper Retail primarily due to the fact that they had the flexibility to handle retail outlets and a number of other different locations,” says Vishakha.
"Zopper Retail has been a life saviour for me as it manages all my payment process and stock so perfectly and smoothly. It is reliable, quick & easy to use giving me immense time to focus on more customer needs."
It’s been wonderful to see what’s been going on from a sales and labor perspective,” says Vishakha. “We have a back office system that gathers all the data from all of the different locations. First thing in the morning we have detailed reports right at our fingertips. We also have access to real time data over the Internet. I can view our business activity in real time from just about anywhere.
Efficient Customer services department- "Amazing was the support i received from Zopper Retail customer care department who has delivered unforgettable experience. No matter how many times you call them they are just so helpful and reliable." "

- Vishakha Singh