Zopper Retail Food and Drink, Case Study
A very good friend of mine who is running a great restaurant had been using Zopper Retail for quite some time and trust me or not I have seen that Peace on her face at all time which wasn’t on mine at all….

Whilst in a conversation I found that Zopper Retail has a wide range of options which can eventually help the customers on the floor and help me increase my business. My restaurant sale increased by almost 30 percent and it is all going so smooth now. I will recommend Zopper Retail to all who are running their own business and are facing challenges in managing their staff, handling customers, managing sales or increasing their sales.

- Raakhi Gyani


Zopper Retail Food and Drink, Case Study
Zopper Retail is Easy-to-use touch screen interface increases employee efficiency by 35- 45 % and more employees gets trained in the same time with easy-to-use touch screen interface. Zopper Retail is a single platform to save you from complexity of maintaining separate software for POS, store and inventory, back office etc.

The thing I worried most about—and here I learned something important—was training the staff. The team offered assistance that was so smooth and were very supportive while they were setting up the software for us. Now even those who were technically challenged picked it so quickly with the easy explaination from other staff members.

Zopper Retail is supported by a dedicated team of experts and it makes it easy for you to implement the best practices and process. It helps you to choose hardware from variety of brands. Zopper Retail has countless features that most expensive solutions lack. It is easy to setup-and-use software that allows you to manage restaurant business with minimum expertise.

- Sam D’souza


Zopper Retail Food and Drink, Case Study
I run a Bakery Shop in Lucknow and want to share with every body that there is a great solution that I have found to foster personal relationships with our customers and cater to their needs keeping their likes and dislikes in mind by allowing the system to capture their customer information and know them better.

Zopper Retail made our lives easier as it gives us an opportunity to keep a track of all individual customers likes, dislikes, frequency of their visits to the store. Their name is always on the screen during checkout, so we get that great on-the-spot connection as well.

No doubt customer relationship or customer connect is the most important aspect of establishing any business however at the same time we should not forget that the look and feel of the system also plays an important role to fit in today’s lifestyle. Can you imagine yourself keeping a track of all customer details manually and managing cash drawers. From cash register all the way to i-pads, all in all a smarter way to showcase your business and get more profits by simply relying on a cloud based software which does everything on its own and gives you the snapshot right there

- Anchal Bhatia


Zopper Retail Food and Drink, Case Study
Zopper Retail was the first POS I used in my first restaurant based in Coimbatore and now I am using it in all my outlets. I would not even want to try any other POS as Zopper Retail is an amazing tool to work on and manage seamlessly

Zopper Retail has really helped us to better understand the business and manage effectively. Zopper Retail helped us manage our selling, staff and customers.... It has helped us increase our sales by 35% and have made our name in the market. This software is so simple to use, maintenance free and giving us increased rate of our profits. This is one tool which helps us manage our cost, staff, profits, customers etc. Customer connect is the most important in our business and have to sustain the same to succeed in our business.

Where ever you go Zopper Retail follows you, All you have to do is have a look at your dash board and see the snapshot of our sales numbers across all the locations. Profits at all sites, attendance of staff, delivery timing and what not. Zopper Retail is one stop shop for a lot of things like knowing your frequent customers, knowing you best dishes, knowing the most demanded dish at your restaurant. That information has allowed us to adjust reorders and staffing levels to help create many distinct, profitable businesses.

- Krishnan


Zopper Retail Fashion and Apparel, Case Study
"Kimaya S. Shekh, purveyor of designer accessories, teamed up with one of the known POS to manage her inventory. Her Point of Sale system was up and running before the store’s grand opening. She shares her experience and says -
Even as a “technically challenged” user, I can query the system and see what’s in stock, which styles sell best and which vendors make her most profitable. No wonder I am always smiling now and spreading positivity around which is directly impacting my business by increase in sales due to more focus on customers and their need.
Now that they’ve switched to Zopper Retail, she honestly can’t believe the difference. The system is so much more reliable and she mentions that their counter has never looked so good!”

There were countless issues, problems, and considerations in forecasting for new products. First, we must understand what a sales forecast is and what is designed to do. A sales forecast is an educated guess of future performance based on sales and expected market conditions. The value of the forecast is that we can predict and prepare for the future objectively. The objective is to review the past, be focused in the present and follow the trends of the past and present to predict the future.
It was really difficult to Find and install an affordable, easy-to-use point of sale and bookkeeping system. System must allow the “technically challenged” store owner to actively manage her inventory and retrieve sales and vendor information on the spot.
Zopper Retail is Easier, quicker and makes the most accurate inventory management. It also ensures and plays an important role in Lean staffing because POS system fills in as third employee and provides instant access to vendor and sales reports – which items sell best and which have the highest margin – so owner Joy Goldberg can order strategically and maximize profits.

Customer Service
I fail to compare the customer service received from Zopper Retail to any other service provider. I received personalize training from the staff members in Zopper Retail that you and your team always knows how to get the best out of your brand new POS subscription. Their dedicated Customer Success Manager will set up the software for you, including migrating products and customers from your old system. The POS provider provides unlimited phone support at all times which means you always have someone to talk to, when you need to reach us quickly.
Just wanted to say thank you to the staff at Easy Point of Sale for the excellent service they have provided us since the beginning and their dedication to serving us quickly and efficiently is what sets them apart from the competition.
In an environment such as the airport, every minute matters. Easy Point of Sale understands that. They handle each and every call with the same sense of urgency. In my opinion, their response time is the best in the industry. Not only do we receive stellar service, but we are saving a substantial amount of money in the process. I would strongly recommend Easy Point of Sale for your equipment and service needs."

- Kimaya S. Shekh


Zopper Retail Fashion and Apparel, Case Study
"Salon Industry - I wasn't aware of POS and never knew that it can do a lot for me. It is really important for our business to be connected with the customers and keep track of their likes, dislikes, allergies, skin tones etc.
"Zopper Retail has increased my business 100%!! It has helped my business run proficiently and being able to track inventory and place order accordingly. It is intelligent to keep record of all customer data and make them feel special on all important occasions of their lives. Its great for customer connect."
I am technically insane and was afraid if I will be able to use the software efficiently or not. Instant and smooth customer service of one of the main reason why I am with Zopper Retail.
"Doesn't matter who respond to your call, the service that you get is AWESOME!!! You mess it up and they are there to fix it." "

- Rupesh Shah


Zopper Retail Tourism, Case Study
"We needed a solution that was user-friendly, efficient, and reliable, but one that also offered a partnership of support. We’ve found these in Zopper Retail.
I run a travel and tour company for approximately 5.5 years and was looking for a helping hand as I have now increased my business by setting up outlets at different locations. Helping hand, which can help me in managing all outlets across at each location in an efficient and cost-effective way. The company is ranked amongst the top 50 franchises in India and is growing at a faster pace.
“The current goal for me was to find a helping hand, software and not human, on which I can rely. In short I was looking for a POS system that would make the task of running and managing an office easier, and be beneficial to the owner’s bottom line,” We needed a solution that was user-friendly, efficient, and reliable, but one that also offered a partnership of support. We’ve found these in Zopper Retail. The quality and support provided by the staff at Zopper Retail is beyond imagination. It is way far better than what I have tried or used earlier.” If value for money is what one is thinking of Zopper Retail is the absolute right option for YOU!! "

- Karthik Gulati


Zopper Retail Retailer and Manufacturer, Case Study
"Aryan Khandelwal has his own online business and also owns a gym along with a retail shop, selling a variety of products. Aryan shares his experience with Zopper Retail and recommends the same to others - We use Zopper Retail in our in store location, & sell products using a barcode scanner.
It happens quite often that there are a couple of items which are not barcoded and hence forth they are sold using the touch pad or touch screen. he high volume of cash and credit cards that pass through the shop each day make a POS system a necessary. Not only does a POS system track every penny of your sales, many POS programs also act as credit card processors. This makes swiping credit cards more secure for both the customer and the business. Servers are accountable for all their sales, and it is impossible to alter checks in the computer unless you have the password. This helps cut down on employee theft We also like to praise Zopper Retail for the excellent service that we have had to date. From the moment that our enquiry was submitted, we have had exceptional assistance from their sales department and support staff.
One benefit of a POS system is that it simplifies communications between the kitchen and the wait staff. Orders go through the computer, directly to the kitchen printer. Another benefit of a restaurant POS programs is that it can track everything from food usage, to the most popular menu items. Because the POS system acts as a time clock, it can also help prepare payroll. This can save you a lot of money in your bookkeeping department. Along with the daily operations of running a restaurant, a POS system can organize profit and loss statement and sales tax.
In addition to tracking inventory, Zopper Retail system do help you know who is our best customers and what they like. With the customer's purchase history visible right at the cash register. Conversely, an gymnasium retail store owner could query the POS system with a quick barcode scan to answer a customer's inquiry about the availability of a gym machines.

Customer Service

Zopper Retail provides ultimate customer service to all their customers. Support Plans are designed to give every customer the peace of mind that they look for. Customers always have someone for help and expert advice with your Easy Point of Sale system. Whether you'd like assistance with initial set up, user operation, or (our specialty) "outside the box" solutions for unique businesses, the team is always there to help. The department very carefully considers all the questions from the customers and provide responce from years of experience. Online training may be arranged for an individual or a small group for any sort of business. The service providers does not leave your hand mid way, they drop you at you place and ensures that they are connected with you at all times whenever you need them to cater to your needs by servicing you even after you buy the service from them.
Result – Zopper Retail is the apt decision I have taken and has been the best of all investments I have made in my business so far which has given me a lot of benefits that cannot be listed. As much as I praise Zopper Retail it will be all less than what it actually gives to its customers. It has helped me in customer retention and still expanding my sales with a reasonable percentage. It seems as if all the numbers are in my finger tips now and I now clearly know what to order and when to order and which customer to focus more as they are giving us relatively more business keeping in mind that we are not ignorant to the other customers who for sure will be our regular customers because of our service offered. From the moment that our enquiry was submitted, we have had experienced exceptional assistance from Zopper Retail sales department and support staff. When we bite the bullet and bought the software, they were by our side each step of the way with the support and logistics to get us up and running on time. "

- Aryan Khandelwal


Zopper Retail Retailer and Manufacturer, Case Study
"Abhishek has chosen Zopper Retail because he got exactly what he needed - nothing more, nothing less. But also with a completely open road to future expansion and add-ons. The Business Connect call handling system was also way ahead of anything else he has ever seen. Although it is very advanced it is also very easy to customise to the daily changing parameters.”

Challenges and Decision

The store of the world’s biggest furniture retailer has more than 520 employees and services a population of 400,000 people. Before opening his own shop, Abhishek worked briefly for "XYZ company" where he used Zopper Retail. Abhishek has investigated another system as well, at a similar price point, however Zopper Retail had much more functionality and was much easier to learn. Each day hundreds of telephone enquiries come in from customers asking about opening times, product delivery schedules, installation issues and many other topics. As a famously customer focused organization, they wanted to answer all of these calls as quickly, efficiently and as friendly as possible. Unfortunately, the telephone system that the store was using had limited monitoring and reporting systems. So it was impossible to know how many customers were calling and how quickly they were being answered. And even more importantly, it could not indicate how many customers were abandoning their calls due to frustration of long queues. “Having used Zopper Retail I was fully aware of its capabilities so obviously they were the first people we talked to.”


“The Zopper Retail System had an immediate impact on the business. Firstly, it was quick to implement and easy for everyone to learn which is also important when training new staff and it immediately improved the productivity of the business. Our staff was able to spend much more time on catering for customer needs rather than standing at the counter adding up dockets.”
“Zopper Retail has streamlined the whole process and it has improved the customer experience. Certainly it has cut the time taken for customers to pay their bill and allowed us to turnover more regularly. Another area where Zopper Retail saves us money is accuracy. Under a manual system inevitably items get missed and while they are small, they quickly add up. The Zopper Retail System has virtually eliminated these oversights.”

Customer Service

Zopper Retail provides ultimate customer service to all their customers. Support Plans are designed to give you peace of mind. You always have someone for help and expert advice with your Easy Point of Sale system. Whether you'd like assistance with initial set up, user operation, or (our specialty) "outside the box" solutions for unique businesses, our team is here to help. We carefully consider your question and respond from years of experience. Online training may be arranged for an individual or a small group for any sort of business. "

Akshat Raj


Zopper Retail Retailer and Manufacturer, Case Study
"My business is now spread in various cities and her business is now growing at an immense rate. They have to manage a diverse range of inventory, including many large and high priced items. Given the high cost of inventory, it is important to manage tight inventory control as well as efficiently implement mark-downs and promotions. Their stores compete against larger general retailers by offering an extensive range of products, professional-grade items, unique and hard to find merchandise and high levels of service and expertise focused specifically on the needs of the buyers.
At the same time we have products that are not barcoded and these are sold using a touch screen. Zopper Retail makes the sales processes so easy, training our staff is simplified & at the end of the day our entire sales are imported into our Sage accounting automatically and all the stock is reduced, invoices are created, customer details are added. We are delighted with our purchase. We will add the same solution for our next shop, expected to open anytime we wish to. We also like to praise Zopper Retail for the excellent service provided by them that we have had to date. From the moment that our enquiry was submitted, we have had exceptional assistance from their sales department and support staff. When we bite the bullet and bought the software, they were by our side each step of the way with the support and logistics to get us up and running on time.
This software helps us to manage large customers that pay on account, including customer statements and accepts and track all customer deposits. It also automatically generates notices to bring in more recurring service revenue and it thus reminds the customers of their last service.Trust me it isn’t a great thought to manually pull data accurately from the cash register as it is not only time consuming but it is very difficult to get it right in one go. With all the complexities any one would go crazy and mess up with the numbers. With Zopper Retail I can take intelligent business decisions based on accurate data:
Out of all the softwares that we have used so far have been too complicated to be used and would very often crash. Sooner we found all different aspects of Zopper Retail system to be reliable and easy to use. This software helps us to improve the sale rate, add, remove stock in place which in return helps assessing the success of different products through reporting. Zopper Retail is Excellent value for your money. A tool which is simple to learn and use and is reliable. Zopper Retail being a cloud based software, we can get the results instantly and anywhere everywhere wherever I am giving me the right to make quick and correct decisions which will directly help us grow our business in a much smoother and better manner. "

- Ananya Bhattacharya


Zopper Retail Other, Case Study
"My name is Vishakha and I am the owner of a small merchandise business in Mumbai. I suffered a huge loss in inventory as i am bad with inventory management and managing cash drawer.
We needed a POS system as a common platform in all of our locations and chose Zopper Retail primarily due to the fact that they had the flexibility to handle retail outlets and a number of other different locations,” says Vishakha.
"Zopper Retail has been a life saviour for me as it manages all my payment process and stock so perfectly and smoothly. It is reliable, quick & easy to use giving me immense time to focus on more customer needs."
It’s been wonderful to see what’s been going on from a sales and labor perspective,” says Vishakha. “We have a back office system that gathers all the data from all of the different locations. First thing in the morning we have detailed reports right at our fingertips. We also have access to real time data over the Internet. I can view our business activity in real time from just about anywhere.
Efficient Customer services department- "Amazing was the support i received from Zopper Retail customer care department who has delivered unforgettable experience. No matter how many times you call them they are just so helpful and reliable." "

- Vishakha Singh