A plenty of restaurants’ owners are looking for a robust and foolproof GST software for restaurants because this is the need of the hour. Zopper with its amazing GST-ready restaurant POS software is here to lend a helping hand to all such owners.

Other than the aforementioned, Zopper’s restaurant POS software offers a myriad of features to its users. They are:

Table Management

The best way to manage your restaurant

The software lets you manage your orders by categorizing you table and tagging the orders. It also helps by assigning an attendant to a table, tracking its occupancy and take the printouts of KOTs that are related to specific tables.


Real Time Order Status

The restaurant POS software offered by Zopper offers an excellent delivery management feature that helps the customer to track the status of their order on a real time basis. The user can update the status like pending, out for delivery, delivered, etc. Also, the software sends an SMS to the customer every time the status is updated.

Recipe Management

Know about the exact consumption of raw material

With this amazing feature, know the exact consumption of raw materials, know the actual cost of sale, establish sales price and track the profitability.


Know what customer feels

This is not just a restaurant POS billing software but it is something well beyond that. It equips your business with what your customers want by receiving their feedback and review. This is done through a self-designed feedback form.

Restaurant Inventory Management

Always be updated with the existing stock levels

With Zopper’s POS software for restaurant, know what you have, what you need and always stay updated with the existing stock levels.

Clients say

"KOT printing facility of Zopper Retail has brought so much efficiency in our operations."

"Exceptionally brilliant software to run a bakery business and even better customer service."

"It’s awesome to see how easily I can tag orders to a specific table, check it’s occupancy, assign an attendant to it with the help of Zopper Retail."