Another feather in your cap

Zopper Retail comes with Zopper Finance - A feature with the help of which you can offer cardless EMIs to your customers which is the need of the hour. This will directly result in increament of your sales and improved customer satisfaction.


Create digital Puchase Orders and track vendor wise sales

Zopper Retail lets you create and manage your vendors database with the help of which you can track sales and inventory by supplier and generate and send purchase orders to them on email. Forget about the hassle of locating vendors business cards as all the vendor contact details are stored centrally which can be accessed very easily.


build long term relationship with your customers

Use Zopper Retail to record your customer details and effectively reach out to them with the help of SMS/Email/Facebook marketing campaigns. You can not only sell more to your existing customers but also keep in touch with casual visitors to your business.

Accounting Integration

Two tools into one

Zopper Retail comes integrated with various accounting software which totally eliminates the need to do double work for posting entry in accounts.


Be omnipresent & omnipotent

Zopper Retail helps you manage multiple outlets with ease. Get real time updates on inventory and sales and take timely decisions. Remotely manage and operate all of your businesses at any point of time. Easily alter prices, special offers, stock levels across all your stores, instantly.

Delivery Management

Provide real time order status to customers

Forget about repeated calls from the customer to track the status of their orders. Zopper Retail allow you to update the order status like Pending, Out for Delivery & Delivered and a SMS is sent to customer's mobile number every time you update the order status.

Clients say

"The interface of Zopper Retail is quite easy to understand. Many of my staff members have started using it without any special training."

"Financing feature of Zopper Retail has really given a boost to my business. Who would have thought that we can sell furniture in EMIs."

"Zopper Retail has allowed to me to give unique IDs to the designs. Now I assign a barcode to every design and track its sales."

"It’s amazing to see how Zopper Retail automatically calculates the incentives for my employees after defining the criteria only once."