Job Card

Keeping record of the jobs availed by the customer just got easier

Create your Job Card with the help of Zopper retail and always have access to them. Know about service history and guage what all jobs are to be pitched to the customer on current service.

Customers with Car Details

build long term relationship with your customers

Use Zopper Retail to record your customer details and effectively reach out to them with the help of SMS/Email/Facebook marketing campaigns. You can not only sell more to your existing customers but also keep in touch with casual visitors to your business.

Track Staff Sales

Set individual employee targets and track their performance

Zopper Retail allows you to establish sales targets and track individual employee performance so that you may incentivise best of your employees and identify the ones who needs a bit of support.


Quickly schedule and manage appointments

Bid Goodbye to your pen and paper for taking appointments and forget about your nightmares of seeing your customers waiting at the front desk. Simply schedule and manage appointments through a very user friendly interface of Zopper Retail and ensure maximum utilization of your resources.


Know what your customer feels

Equip your business with what your customer wants by receiving their feedback with the help of a self designed feedback form.


Always be updated with the existing stock levels

Know what you have, and what you need, at a glance, or drill-down using Zopper Retail’s powerful granular inventory reports.

Clients say

"Thanks to Zopper Retail that now I can track vehicle details of my customers and I am able to pitch them different products in a much more efficient manner."

"Zopper Retail has helped me a lot in managing all of my business outlets that too with so much ease. I have literally became a fan of this product."

"I am able to accept and track payments through multiple modes just by using one tool. This has made life so much easier."

"Tracking of vehicle service history of the customer has never been so easier."