Barcode / Scanner

Get it done faster

Bring Speed to your billing counter and reduce the size of queue as you can generate and print your own bar codes with the help of Zopper Retail. It can be integrated with any Barcode Scanner which will help you to handle large scale inventories and items.

Batch Tracking

Easy handling of your Inventory

Create a new batch every time you receive new inventory and beware about different unit prices and near expiry stock. This will also help in effective inventory management.


Create digital Puchase Orders and track vendor wise sales

Zopper Retail lets you create and manage your vendors database with the help of which you can track sales and inventory by supplier and generate and send purchase orders to them on email. Forget about the hassle of locating vendors business cards as all the vendor contact details are stored centrally which can be accessed very easily.


Give your customers a happy shopping experience

Zopper Retail offers you a more convenient and easy to use POS interface. It is a step forward from others since it uses latest technology and it works both online and offline. It offers multiple benefits to your customers enabling to split payments, receive bills on paper, SMS or email and gives you the flexibility to configure discounts and schemes and update inventory information on a real time basis.


Reward the relationship

Zopper Retail offers easiest way to create and run your own loyalty program for your customers. Discover your most loyal customers and reward with special offers and grow repeat business. Offer reward points for various action like purchase, referrals and even for following on Facebook & Twitter and track these points through an easy to use app.


Be omnipresent & omnipotent

Zopper Retail helps you manage multiple outlets with ease. Get real time updates on inventory and sales and take timely decisions. Remotely manage and operate all of your businesses at any point of time. Easily alter prices, special offers, stock levels across all your stores, instantly.


Always be updated with the existing stock levels

Know what you have, and what you need, at a glance, or drill-down using Zopper Retail’s powerful granular inventory reports

Clients say

"Zopper Retail has all the features that we need to run our business."

"We have started our own loyalty program which has directly resulted in increased repeat customer."

"Getting started with Zopper Retail was a very good experience."